Journey to Millions of Years Ago!

Humans have been ‘civilized’ for a very short time. If reincarnation is real, then our time driving around in oil eaters and sitting at computers writing posts is marginal in our soul’s lifespan (for older souls at least). Even if you solely focus on human incarnations, our real modern world is surreal.

Today, while walking home I was drown to a stream. A very small area around that stream is wooded. I looked at the water running and envisioned how not that long ago humans would have been drinking this water. The fact that the water was running meant that it would have been good water to drink. The woods would have looked very similar as well. Then I continued home.

Hours later an idea struck me. If our soul has spent time as an Hunter Gather, by visiting the woods we can remember, and through remembering we are reliving.

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