In this post I might seem high and mighty at points. I’m a hypocrite. Now you want to read, eh? (Seems like a plug that will keep everyone from reading this post.)

I love air conditioning, but it keeps us out of touch with nature. During my childhood (before we bought central air), I would go out to the beach and air conditioned stores in the summer. I lost a lot to air conditioning. Do you imagine fairies cooling in the house? If we truly want to get in touch with fairies you must brave the elements. (Bring plenty of water.) I was walking around in over 100 degrees last week. Now I get to say, “I was walking around in 100 degrees last week.”

We we first installed air conditioning I thought it would make me weaker. I no longer had to hide in the basement on the hottest days. Summer is a time to walk in the park, and praise every tree for its wonderful shadow. With air conditioning I was more inclined to stay inside in the cool air. So I did. So I often find myself doing.

Summer has so much life squeezed into such a short amount of time. When thinking of the season of life many would say spring, but no. Spring is for new life, but Summer has far more sun energy for the trees to store.

So much food for us animals to find. Now I am thinking of Strawberries and getting quite hungry. Yummy. I love summer! Blueberries, (usually) cherries, raspberries, blackberries, (usually) peaches, and so much much more. Fruit is my favorite food. There are times when the only thing I can eat is fruit. At these times I literally couldn’t eat anything else. It all just feels so heavy, but fruit is light as air.

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