Light Beings – Now I know what it means

Over at The Angel Diaries I ran into a post about Light Beings. Now when you think about Light Beings, without knowing better, you think of a big blab of light. Instead they are those little dancing specks of light on the edge of your vision. I used to think it was light reflecting off dust. Now, this video isn’t exactly what light beings look like, but it gives you an idea of what I am talking about.

Every so often I see these specks of dust. If my eyes try to focus on them they disappear. Once while working at Godiva (Chocolate) I saw these light beings.

“What are you doing,” a co-worker asked.

“You know when light reflects off dust? It is so pretty.”

“You are really silly.”

I read somewhere that you have to be high vibrational to see light beings. I always assumed everyone can, and I continue to believe this. It is just that some people push it off as nothing while others believe it is something. I am sure a scientific theory covers this topic.

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