A little direction please

There are many things that interest me about the intuitive world.

One of these things is the hope of some sort of direction.

I have never been a person with a goal in life. I went to college because I was told to. I went into an art school because people said I was good at art. Now people are telling me to go to grad school. If I went to grad school I would go become a librarian because I have worked in libraries and enjoyed it.

Information Science (librarianship) does not fill me with passion. I am having trouble studying for the GRE (like SAT only for grad school), and feel I will be unable to do so unless I find a passion.

When I studied for the SAT and ACT I had a big motivation FEAR.

—side note—

What fear? Once a teacher mentioned that there were people who did well in school, but did not in life. A student told me that was me. I planned on showing this student wrong… which I really haven’t. I blame Bipolar disorder for this.


Anyway, I am fishing for a passion, but I do not know where to turn. I am hoping that intuitiviness will help me.

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