The ghost of Alice

While on vacation with my sister and my toddler nephew I was sleeping. I was in an interesting dream about the house falling on me when I was in Detroit, and all the peace I had taken for granted (between democrats and republicans) coming to an end.

Then all of the sudden I feel the presence of a little girl who looks like Alice (in Wonderland) at the foot of my bed. For reasons I cannot explain my entire being (soul) ups out of my body and toward this girl. A weird windy sound like I am traveling though great distances very fast is in my ears. Then without a jolt I am just awake. I notice that my foot and hanging outside of the end of the bed where I dreamed this girl was.

So I concluded that this girl was a ghost who had come to watch my nephew sleep (he is incredibly cute). I gave her quite a scare when she walked into my foot. I am sorry Alice.

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