The big bang mixed with non-science (Shikon no tama) (War of angels)

Science is now saying that the big bang was caused by a collision. What follows is not science, but a mixture of stories that might hold some truth. I will go into story mode, and then out of story mode.

Hearing this my mind wondered to the War between God and the Devil. This would indeed have been a collision.

Then my mind wondered to the manga Inuyasha. *spoiler alert*  The ‘Shikon no tama’ was created out of the heart of a warrior who was fighting demons. The battle captured both the demons and the warrior in a stand still. They appeared frozen in time, but in the heart of the warrior the battle continued. From her heart the ‘Shikon no tama’ was born.

The collision between God and the Devil sent souls and particles flying out into what has become our universe. After the battle God went into the flying particles and formed souls and matter. Sadly bits of the devil had also gone flying and were mixed in.

The mixture was like mud. So simple, so messy, but also so full of nutrients.

Our purpose is to clear out the bits of devil mixed in us so we can reach heaven. We will live as many lives as needed to became clean enough to return home.

Were we once angels who died in the battle? Perhaps a part of us was. We all have stars mixed into our bodies. Will we ever be angels again? I don’t think we ever completely were angels. Our souls came into being after the battle. We are made from the mud of the battleground. We are like the Shikon no tama.


Now lets take the story element away. If the Big Bang was caused by two universes (membranes) colliding. Then there is a possibility that the membrane will try to re-form into what they were before. Like water separating from oil the two universes will become whole. I once heard of the theory that the Big Bang happens and then un-happens and then happens. Yet what if these happenings don’t happen in the same place? Are the same two membranes always colliding or is another pair or by chance three membranes colliding at once.

See I can still speak scientist even if I gave up on science altogether. I can also speak religious speak.

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