Pixie hair

Please have a cup of matcha. I am feeling a little discouraged in my Intuitive Quest. I ask myself, Do I really want to be psychic? (I know Intuitive is different, but they are linked.) I have heard/seen psychics who are overwhelmed by all that goes on around them. They were thrown into being psychic without a choice. (Presumably they choose to be psychic before coming to earth again, but the current incarnation has to deal with it without the knowledge of why.) I think psychic ability should be a choice in this life.

Anyway. Wouldn’t psychics who had no choice laugh at me for trying to become one?

So many roads are before me at this moment. I am truly looking into the Intuitive world in the hopes that I will find motivation. The catch is that it takes motivation to discover the Intuitive world.

I am sure the sky will clear up soon. It is summer after all, and such beautiful weather where I am right now. I got a hair cut that makes me feel younger. I am a pixie right now, or at least my hair is.

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