How to Do a Rain Dance ~ Native American Rain Dance


There is a great deal of drought going on in many places in the world.

However, first we are going to focus on one, California. To narrow down the location more, how about looking at a picture of San Juan Bautista, on a Sunday at 9:30 am PST. This is where/when a weekly rain dance is being held until the drought is over. (News Article on event here)

While you dance hold the picture of the place in you head, and try to connect with the dancers in California. However, don’t just turn clockwise. Mostly clockwise with a little counterclockwise to make sure the rain isn’t too much. (No landslides/flood)

I am not sure if you can Rain Dance for another location, but the worse that can happen, is you draw rain where you live.

This is just my suggestion, otherwise at that time you could add your own personal touch, such as prayer for the effectiveness of the dance, or long distance reiki/healing on the weather.

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Native American Rain Dance

The droughts could bring serious problems for the natives since having some rain was essential for their survival and their food crops. The rain dance would usually take place in the driest month of the year, so usually this ritual was performed in mid to late August ever year. The Native American rain dance was performed by both the men and women of the tribe, unlike other tribal rituals where only men were allowed.

The Native Americans wore special costumes when performing the Native American rain dance ceremony, and these costumes were used just for this specific ceremony every year. The men would have long hair waving in the ceremony and the women wore their hair in a special tribal wrap at the sides of their heads. The mask that the Indian men wear is a mask with a turquoise strip that stretches from ear to…

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Medication is not what you think

Hello Family,diamond

I have been attempting Channeling. This is the result, I actually wrote this part myself. I am speaking to an audience of Starseeds, and Earth Angels. It uses Lingo that you would need to do a bit of study to understand.

This is
the time when I wish I hadn’t posted by Blog on Facebook, so I could write freely without worry. I, however, think this needs to be heard
by Lightworkers.



This day and age is said to be going through an accession. Energies are being increased to high levels to boost the process. However, some humans are extra sensitive to such energies, and will go into a state that their body cannot handle. Namely their mind is not designed for it. The medical community calls this psychosis. Scientists inspired by Spirit create the medications that so many Lightworkers tell others to go off of. Together they have created a very grounding compound only to be used by those humans who are extra sensitive to the energy. It is good that it requires a prescription.

A point people miss about the lottery

I do not play the lottery more then three to four times a year. I only fill out one set of numbers, and hardly focus on the numbers. It takes a lot of motivation for me to be willing to stand at customer service and put in my numbers. Yet, those three to four times a year, I put math aside for hope.

I think that is something people overlook when they put down lottery players. For people in the toughest of situations they still have the ability to hope to win the lottery. Where else could they seek to change their lives for only $2. The problem is that some people spend a good amount of money, paying for entry after entry. My philosophy is that if you a meant to win, one entry is enough.

I also try to look for a certain flow to the entry process. Such as forgetting to use coupons until after you have paid (not on purpose), so that you need to go to customer service to get a refund. This is just an example, but I feel that if you are meant to enter, life will led you to the entry. This is why I end up only entering every now and then. I need to feel the flow in some way. For example, I might enter soon because I have just written a post about it.

When I feel the need to enter a sweepstakes, there are many online sites with free entries. Be wary to check the privacy policy, and make sure it is a authentic sweepstakes.

I think people frown upon sweepstakes, and lotteries because so many people waste all their money on them. Yet, isn’t it amazing that these people are able to hold onto hope to the point of gambling addiction. If they just learned to redirect the energy to free sweepstakes, and faith that quantity (despite appearances) does not equal quality.

If you are meant to win, you will, the number of entries will make no difference. Stressing over the numbers will make no difference.

So many people put down those who play the lottery because they have tried and failed. They used up all there hope reserves, because the cost of playing is higher then the money. All to often hope is built up, and when you lose you have a little less of it to give out.

There is something deeper then money about the lottery. Something to do with human nature. Every now and then we need to test our luck. There is no shame in it, done responsibly. Just like there is no shame in eating, done responsibly. Even done un-reponsibly the shame we feel is only on Earth. The Soul might be gaining something bigger by testing luck to the point of debt. I just don’t recommend choosing that path.

I used the picture already, but it really is the best for the post. Now I might enter a sweepstakes for traveling somewhere. Or maybe I can attempt to win a free iPhone (those are hard to find unless a new iPhone recently came out). I used to enter many sweepstakes, but now I go in waves. Every now and then I just feel like it is time to enter a sweepstakes. Then I forget to for six months until I feel like testing luck again.


Won’t be on road until 6pm


I am waiting for the time to pass. Only 2 more hours until the ride to Lake Michigan. I will admit to being on the Information Desk at work. It is Intersession and there is no one to help. Soon it will be busy again, and I will not be able to post from work. During the slow summer, while most Students are out of town, I get used to the quiet. It will be such a contrast the first day of University.

The whole city changes phase from Summer to Fall. In Summer is business everywhere is slow. I like the Students, as I was once one. I can still pass for a Student. I look young, and plan on staying looking young as long as possible. I am almost 30 now. I do not have many of the life milestones of a 30 year old. So much of my 20’s was spent being ill, that I just missed them.

I do not have the things our society looks for to call a person successful. My job is equal to the career level of a college student. As it is Part Time, and usually filled by a college student. (Hence the ability to post at the Desk. If I had a task I could complete while at the desk it would be different. Yet, I have no job other then to help patrons, and check in books.)

I just lack the motivation to find a stressful job to be considered successful. I can get by with Part Time due to my Disability. I have no idea how much stress I can handle, but don’t feel rushed to push the limits. I am actually the type that is best Self-employed.

I still feel I help society. If only by being a calm presence not caught up in the stress of work. People who are stressed have little energy to smile at the cashier. From my place of calm I can make the cashier who has had a hard day feel better. They will apologize for being backed up, and I will make sure to Tip them so they know I do not care that I have to wait. When a Batista is slow getting your drink, it is often for good reason. They are working extra hard.

It is strange the impact that calm energy can have on a city filled with stressed out Students. I work in the very library where so many work to the point of exhaustion. I walk sober through a downtown filled with Students escaping stress with alcohol. I carry a perspective outside of what has been jammed into their conscious as important.

I don’t have to spend the day filling out pointless paperwork to help society. In fact I think I would help society far less if I did. Perhaps it isn’t me that is unsuccessful, but society that needs to understand success.

Vacation tomorrow!


I have not yet been to the beach this summer. Luckily my Uncle is renting my family his beach house for a reduced price. (Sometimes he refuses to cash the check for the rental.) My day preparing did not go as planned. I woke up at a good hour, but the time went by so fast. I didn’t end up going to my garden to harvest all the tomatoes that were ripening. They might have been ready today. I didn’t finish cleaning my room, or do the laundry. I packed and got trapped in the Internet world. Now the sun is down.

I was just thinking of past posts that I have written while in the shower…

Anyway, if I decide not to bring my computer, I will be unlikely to post this week.

Blessings to you,


I’m down to the artwork I didn’t post because I didn’t like them.meow

My Dream Last Night: Art Class

First thing I remember is that I was doing artwork of the basement of my childhood home. What I was working on was not turning out, and the light had burnt out. I was focusing on fixing the light when the Instructor of this course came to evaluate by work. The Light Suddenly wasn’t a problem. I had a form that asked how many hours I had spent on the art, and how many on work. I had no idea. I wasn’t aware what the work section was supposed to be filled up with. I came up with a random number, but saw the instructor had totaled up the amount as 0.sun_moon

None the less, the instructor complemented by work in the class. Suddenly I found out I had been working with clay, and made a number of pieces. Some were actually from other classes, so I removed some of them. The wood ones. He said that the eyes were very deep on the face I was working on, and asked the meaning.

I did not have much of a response, but soon found students working around me. I was picking my classes for next semester when someone from another area came with a brochure for a class. It was a Singing, Whistling, and Dancing Class where they put on a production at the end. I said, “it was a little hopeless for me, as I cannot whistle.” I made a cute attempt at Whistling that sounded like a teapot. (Which is really the only sound I can make whistling.) “See. Does the class offer techniques on how to whistle.”

The student asked, “You can dance right?”

“Not really.”

“Well you can at least sing?”

Puffing up my pride (to hide I can not really sing that well) I said, “Well that kind of comes naturally, doesn’t it.”

The student said, “You look like the artistic type, based on the way you are dressed.”

“I shop at thrift stores, but most of these clothes are hand me downs from my sister. It is so much fun to find a good piece of clothes at a thrift store. I recommend the Salvation Army.”

“I wasn’t aware of the Salvation Army. The best part is you can get a T-shirt for 25 cents. What normally would have cost $11.99. That is beyond four times deference.”

As we talked I had followed the student across the basement, and he had gone up the stairs and disappeared. Suddenly students all around me where complaining that I had gotten such a good grade when I did a fraction of the hours of everyone else.

I started a debate with a fellow student, I do not remember the first part, but afterwards the student said, “Well, I believe myself to be perfect.”

I said, “You are perfect, just don’t expect the world around you to be perfect too. The world has not reached that yet.” As I spoke these words understandings of facts that all your emotions are a perfect dance, and not to be judged otherwise flowed through me.

The students all suddenly saw me as very enlightened. “I didn’t come up with this, but someone else whom I can not tell you did.” I could not tell them because I had traveled back in time and Matt Kahn wasn’t teaching yet. Even through I did not know if this was exactly a Matt Kahn teaching.

This is not the end of the dream, but I feel I should end the narration now. It gets a little hard to describe and the narration is pretty choppy feeling already.

The rare little ability to sleep night

As my sleep problems go, it is often too much need for sleep that is the problem. Last night was just one of those nights that was the opposite. Given my Mental Illness, some would say Mania, but my mind was not racing. Even those with Mental illness can have nights of little sleep, without it needing to be Mania, or hypomania. My guess is that my system will get tired earlier tonight to make up for it. In fact I can feel the temptation of sleep already building.

Thankfully, I am pretty adoptable when it comes to sleep as someone who previously was thought Bipolar. This is because my symptoms are linked to my thyroid. If my thyroid is balanced, too little sleep does not have the same impact.

I am unsure if I posted this picture already.


I actually think that the Angels are trying to fix my sleeping hours before my vacation. I will be needed on Earlier hours soon.